hey there, im thinking of writing some fluff for the new marine chapter im going to be writing, and wondered if anyone has any useful links that i could use as help such as :

system map, for planet names and such to find a suitable homeworld to base them from.

chapter name ideas, be if in the form of a name generator or suggestions.

icon ideas, my chapter is going to be a founding of the imperial fists, but there is only so much you can do with the fist icon, so any suggestions would be great.

my armies colours scheme is main body is iyanden darksun, with mechrite red shoulder pads and backpacks, with occasionally knee pads also mechrite red, boltgun metal heavy drybrush on the bolters/weapons. the army is a very rounded army, has abit of everything , but does have a heavy scout presence, and low land raider presence. i was thinking mayb of having the chapter named after there primarch for example 'sons of ......' or the planet that was there homeworld.

ideas for fluff would they be reasonable?
the chapter is formed from a force of imperial fists( capt,apoth, chaplin,techpriest,librarian all present ,as well as a force of scouts, and about 50 marines aswell as armour) that are left on a planet at a garrison to protect an important industrial facility slighty before the horus heresy occured. when the horus heresy occured the system that the planet my chapter was on is hit by a huge warp storm caused by the chaos occuring. this leaves my chapter stranded ,cutt off and totally unaware of what is happening to the imperium as the storm cutts all ties to anything outside the warpstorm with no ships, or psyker messages being able to be transfered. at the same time there is a huge uprising on the planet as the taint of chaos spreads across the planet, the imperial fists there fighting there for decades to repel the uprising eventually succeeding. believed to be completely left behind by there chapter, and in great need of new troops , they create the new chapter and recruit new conscripts to be made into marines. and thus the new chapter is born. thats just an idea, but is it feasable? any help would be great