since this year I found back to Warhammer Quest. (I guess, there is no need to introduce it) After reading the rules I began to convert the floor tiles to 3D because I had the opinion, that the players should see, where their warriors can go and where not (also it makes a more fantastic feeling playing with such dungeons and figures). For this reason I brought on some additional walls to the rooms. Sure, the free combination of floor tiles is limited, but in all games we had never the case, "that there was a wall in the way".
How I made it? I used Styrodur plates, where I signed on the rooms, then cutted them out and then I glued on some plates of Selitron as walls. For stability I spend some wood plates. The materials itself cost nearly nothing and standard rooms can be converted really fast.

Enough words, here are some introducing pictures:

Gaol - Because I was not convinced about my building abilities, I began with an easy, small room, the gaol.

Here I changed the colour and the circle until I liked the room.

Easily like a regular passage...

I have found a fan work room. Now it is part of my dungeon.