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    Hadriel paints Mordheim

    Its been a long time since I was active in the fantasy forums. This is largely because although my only fully painted army is VCs my gaming group prefer 40k because we seem to be able to fit games in much easier.

    Last year at my FLGS in Exeter; Khaos Games (then Eldritch Games) I took part in my first ever Mordheim campaign.

    At the time I tried to get a warband assembled and painted. I got about 10 guys assembled then and one painted, my captain.

    I really really enjoyed the campagin, not that I did very well but it was fun, so I decided to complete my warband which will hopefully see further use this Christmas holiday and then in a campaign in the New Year.

    I have recently completed a couple more of the original warband members, so here's a shot of the three that are painted so far:
    (The Captain is in the middle with the sweeping noble hair)

    I was lucky enough to pick up a box of the plastic Empire Greatswords at a large discount as Khaos Games is selling off its GW stuff as there's no real demand for it in our area at the moment.

    Here are two of my favourite new guys:

    I am recycling bases from my bitz box because I cleverly left all my plain bases at University... This also allows me to repeat the style of the bases from my current Mordheim guys which are quite old minis.

    Below is a picture of my undercoated guys from the previous campaing:

    web cookie to anyone who knows where the body for my Captain and various other minis comes from originally.

    Here are the finalised greatsword-based conversions (I'm giving most of the swords and paraphernalia to my mate peaoui for his Empire army)

    NB: The archer on the scenic base (Scibor's) is very special since he was a youngblood in the campaign and got really quite badass by the end. He did the majority of the killing and was rewarded with a nice base and a High Elf bow!

    thats all for now!

    I'd be interested to hear people's comments and criticisms.



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