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    Leoparden's Brethren of the Phoenix

    Hi, my name is Leoparden, though some of you might know me as Xenobiotic from the Heresy-online forum where I've been a much more active poster.

    I'm mostly into the collecting/painting/modelling side of the hobby. I almost consider playing to be sort of a necessary evil to motivate me to actually paint legal options (well, most of the time) and complete an army. Although this attitude did put me in a lot of trouble with my gaming buddies, seeing as how I was trying to complete a worthwhile 1000+ pts army for many years without success (until now that is!).

    This army all started at the time I read the rumours of the coming Blood Angel Codex. I liked the Blood Angels back in the 3rd edition, the Furioso dreadnoughts, the assault marines and the Death Company. But I never fell for the "all red" armour. I wanted to do something within the theme but different. So I looked at their successors but it didn't help me much. So I decided to trying some combinations with red out until I came up with a scheme I liked. Red and White with Phoenix freehands? That has a ring to it, doesn't it?

    As time went by I fleshed out a successor chapter on a log over at heresy, which has proved to be a good environment! But since I've always stolen a lot of inspiration from the many talented members of the Warseer project log forums I've now decided to share my progress here as well. It will be interesting to see what kind of input you can offer me as I learn!

    I'm hoping to flesh this thread out with another successor chapter (based on the Space Sharks) as well as some Imperial Guard units (we'll see) later on. Focus for now will be on the Blood Angel Successors, the Brethren of the Phoenix.

    I hereby present the 4th Company of the Brethren of the Phoenix, the Birds of Paradise

    This is the latest army pic (1135 pts strong):

    Here is a short selection of what I've managed to complete thusfar:
    Reclusiarch Chaplain Sabinus

    Squad of white Death Company, called Ember Enraged in the homebrew fluff:

    Death Company Rhino, called the Salient

    Repressor, counts as Rhino, called the Auspice

    Sanguinary Priest, called Exemplar in the Homebrew fluff, Atheos the Twin-feathered (not shown in the army picture above).

    If you want to see more pictures of these units (or pictures of other units I've done sofar) feel free to check out the project log on heresy.

    The plan at the moment is to paint at least a vehicle a month for the following year. Along with that as many marines as I can muster. In the end I'm hoping to have an entire company in a display cabinet, but who knows?

    C&C are always welcome!
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