My brother and I played a game after not playing for a long time. It was an awesome game which I lost but I'm ok since I had a couple of brain farts and still whooped ass. Since we got away from the hobby some we don't have the new rules yet so we used last edition. also we usually play till death

Paladin: Warbanner, warhorse
Damsel: lvl2(lore of beasts rolled crow's feast and sixth spell which was changed to bear's anger)
14 men-at-arms: full command
10 bowmen
5 Knights: full command

exhalted champion: don't remember what he had
20 marauders: hand weapons and shields, full command, nurgle
around 10 marauders: great weapons, maybe mark of nurgle

I deployed my knights dead center with the paladin, bowmen on their left at an angle, and the men at arm with the damsel at the knight's right.
the spawn was opposite between knights and bowmen, then big unit with hero to its left(front of knights, then small unit in front of men at arms.

1st turn
he moves all forward
I moved my knight and men at arms to be facing the units opposite them and shot and caused a wound in spawn.

2nd turn
he moves to within charge range
I charge both units and shoot down the spawn. damsel casts bear's anger on self and small marauder gets decimated to like two which get over runned. Knights kill one and receive two unsaved wounds.

his unit kills the rest of the knights of the realm and paladin runs.
paladin rallys, men at arms move closer to his unit, bowmen kill 1 marauder and the damsel kills some more by casting crow's feast

he charges paladin and issues challenge( we had forgotten that he had to in the previous fight) paladin flees off of table.
bowmen wheel some to give front to marauders and fail all their to wound rolls. damsel kills some more with crow's feast.

he regroups into two ranks(12 left maybe) and faces bowmen.
I think of attempting to charge his rear but decide to just get closer and cast CF since I thought I would fail the charge(found out that I would have reached when I measured my movement) bowmen make a wound, damsel casts crow's feast, rolls 12 wounds but he saves all that wound).

he charges bowmen kills all but 3 who get overrun out of the table.
I have my guys position themselves for the marauders return.

he returns and faces me and I think I'm going to charge you and cast bear's anger and destroy you.
my turn and first thing I do is roll to cast crow's feast realizing then that I didn't charge him and that he would charge me don't kill anything.

he charges I accept his challenge with my champ which he kills, some wounds are exchanged and I flee.
I rally cast crow's feast and leave him with only his hero and full command

he charges and kills my damsel with his hero. only 5 of my guys remain and they stand their ground.
his guys kill my remaining guys.

we enjoyed the game and had a great time. my younger brother then asked my older brother(the one from this report) to play with him and they had a terrible time (mostly because my younger brother whines about just everything whether he is winning or loosing.