Hey guys long time no see. With the release of the new codex I'm back to the 'crons. The armies direction is still the same, though I'ma have to make up for some force org changes and new units!

So without further fanfare here are some Immortals I've been working on.

So yeah, not terribly interesting. Every dude has been reposed and 'damaged' like my warriors. I think the stock models are too proud and proper and I want my immortals to be hunched and big like horror movie brutes. (The above pictures are pre-gap filling and other minor Green Stuff work).

Finally, heres a guy I'm working on right now, a Veil Cryptek.

He's a pretty basic model. One of the new Vampire Counts evil skeleton dude model, a Necron torso tucked into the cape, a Deathmark head and few random other bits. I like that he seems like a teleporting evil horror. (He still needs greenstuff)

Anyways, that's what I've got so far. I've got another Tomb Stalker in line, some Spiders/scarabs, more warriors, and finally some more court members including my Necron Overlord (who is not a necron...!)

Comments, questions, welcome!