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Thread: Best allies and enemies?

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    Best allies and enemies?

    Dear Warseerites: as the title reads, which armies do you find make the best allies and enemies to have in a battle? To clarify, by "allies," I refer to the rare occasion when you have a team game, with one or more army on a single side. Which armies do you think complement your own army the best? As for "best enemies," I am referring to fun factor: which armies do you enjoy playing against the most?

    For me, while I have not had any team battles in ages, I would imagine that the best allies for my Lizardmen would be as follows:

    HIGH ELVES- High Elves, in my opinion complement Lizardmen extremely well in that both have similar strengths-- hard-hitting elite units, high manouverability, and extremely potent magic. I would imagine that Banner of Sorcery + Slann on the same side would be an excellent advantage, and High Elves bring certain units to the table-- long range artillery, flying monsters, cheap Chariots, etc-- that the Lizardmen are lacking (while the Lizardmen, in turn, have cheap and sometimes expendable skirmishers, which the Elves are lacking themselves).

    EMPIRE- Empire, I would imagine, would be a good ally primarily because they have the numbers and the artillery that the Lizardmen don't have. Between Skink Skirmishers and Detachments, both races have lots of harassment/diversion units, and can both field some very nice close combat units as well. Plus, as far as metagame goes, I can't think of anything scarier than a Slann, War Alter, Steam Tank and artillery on the same field (though that would depend on the points level).

    For "Best enemies,' the races I enjoy playing against the most are as follows:

    DAEMONS OF CHAOS- I played only one game against Daemons in 8th, but it was an absolute blast. As powerful as Daemons are, Lizardmen have plenty of ways to counter them, and at the end of the day, both armies have lots of manouverability, magic, and elite troops slogging it out. Plus, they're ancient enemies, so battles between them always resonate nicely with the background.

    SKAVEN- Lizardmen and Skaven are polar opposites in many ways: one usually has a few units of durable, elite infantry, while the other throws out waves of expendable cannon fodder. One race relies on dangerous reptiles and weird alien technology, the other uses advanced guns that tend to misfire horrendously. I've had only a few games against Skaven, but I've found them all quite enjoyable (well, unless they were against 6th-ed shooty armies of death...and the less said about them, the better).

    WOOD ELVES- One of the most fun games I had in 7th edition was between my skirmishy Lizardmen list and a Wood Elf army. It was one of the most dynamic and bloody games I've ever played, which charges and overruns all over the place on either side, and lots of spells, poisoned darts and arrows flying back and forth. I have yet to face Wood Elves in 8th edition, though.

    What about you guys/gals?
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