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Thread: Alternative Menoth Color Scheme

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    Alternative Menoth Color Scheme

    Hi Guys,

    I bought the menoth battle group to start with warmachine and I'm looking for an alternative color scheme to paint my army.

    Where can I find some ideas about alternative color scheme?

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    Re: Alternative Menoth Color Scheme

    try looking in the privteer painting forums i've seen a wide variety of colours on there from orange (which works well) to black random stuff warmachine,dystopian wars and malifaux updated 03/03/13 historical log updated 24/09/13

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    Re: Alternative Menoth Color Scheme

    My wife has done a very stunning Feora in a Black/Silver/Blue scheme.....I'll see if I can get a pic of it.
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    Re: Alternative Menoth Color Scheme

    In any of the issues of No Quarter where they've done Menoth models/units in Guts & Gears they always present an alternate colour scheme or two. I've seen some pretty nice variations over at the Lost Hemisphere blog as well.
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    Re: Alternative Menoth Color Scheme

    I started giving mine a black base instead of white, looks pretty tight.
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    Re: Alternative Menoth Color Scheme

    My Menites have black armor, reddish-gold trim, and red robes. Occasionally some extra red gets thrown in there to break up some of the black.
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    Re: Alternative Menoth Color Scheme

    I did my menoth in a maroon and creme colour scheme. Makes them look sort of drab and experienced, opting for a dirt covered tile floor for their bases over a happy green grass and sand approach really added more flavor.

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