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Thread: What the hell is grimdark???????

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    Angry What the hell is grimdark???????

    Hello everyone who doesn't know I exist .

    I, SpaceTiger, am back after a long absence and will now be getting more involved in this website. But I have a question that needs answering and I hope that you guys will help me. It is a word that confuses me and despite my research in online dictionary's and tvtropes I still can't find out what it actually is; in that why do people not like grimdark or criticize it and when I ask them what is grimdark? They have no right answer as to what is grimdark. They just hate because haters hate. I have actually caught the bug and have started to use the word myself.

    What is Grimdark????

    P.S: I didn't know where to place a thread like this so I just placed it here. So, sorry if I annoy anybody.
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