Been discussing things with a few friends of mine and the conclusion was, there are way too many Space Marine armies, the majority of which are fairly similar. We got onto the topic of which armies we believe should be represented with their own codices. So far GW's list currently looks like:

  1. Black Templars
  2. Blood Angels
  3. Chaos Daemons
  4. Chaos Space Marines
  5. Dark Angels
  6. Dark Eldar
  7. Eldar
  8. Grey Knights
  9. Imperial Guard
  10. Necrons
  11. Orks
  12. Space Marines
  13. Space Wolves
  14. Tau
  15. Tyranids
  16. Witch Hunters

We thought a better list would be something like:

  1. Adeptus Mechanicus
  2. Blood Angels
  3. Chaos Daemons
  4. Chaos Renegades (cultists, mutants, beastmen, traitor guard, limited traitor space marines)
  5. Chaos Legions
  6. Dark Eldar
  7. Ecclesiarchy/Sisters of Battle
  8. Eldar
  9. Daemonhunters/Grey Knights
  10. Imperial Guard
  11. Necrons
  12. Orks
  13. Space Marines
  14. Space Wolves
  15. Tau
  16. Tyranids

Here we could simply shoehorn a few of the other Space Marine codices into one and perhaps have a Special Character booklet such that Chaos had back in 5th edition Warhammer Fantasy, Deathwatch could perhaps be placed here too.
The exception to the rules being the Space Marine Chapters that we couldn't be bothered squeezing into what would already be a large Space Marine book (Stuff for Death Company, Sanguinary Priests, Red Thirst, most of the Space Wolf and Grey Knight units). And would give a bit of the spotlight to forces that GW have so far not shown much interest in.

I realise there isn't all that massive a change from what we have but it just feels more 'complete' to me. Anyone else have a list that differs from what GW have so far made available to us?