Thanks almost solely to IJW, myself and quite a few others have been drawn into the realms of Infinity. I am probably the slowest to pick it up (from a models perspective) but wanted to share what I have painted so far. Painting these guys is a slow process, so is assembling them but the miniatures are so wonderfully detailed and delicate they do deserve the extra time and attention. Alas looking at the fantastic paint jobs done for the box art figures does make me a little sad.:cries:

With the preamble over here is what I have painted so far. (Each model will get it's own reply to stop me making massive single posts.)

The Karakuri was the first figure I picked up, love the model and it turned out to be a doddle to assemble and paint, (although to those who would use resin bases, glue the legs to the hips before detaching from the slot tab) this may have left me a little underprepared for how fiddly some of the figures can be but if you are looking for a good first model I cannot recommend this enough. It is also brilliant in game to boot. Especially good if your opponents like their special ammo.