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Thread: Champions of El'Johnson: The Deathwing

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    Champions of El'Jonson: The Deathwing

    "What is our quest?
    To purge our shame through the death of those who turned from the Lion."


    I was a long time Dark Angels player and one day decided to sell my army. This was shortly after reading Descent of Angels which was a very poor book and made me a sad panda.

    I have recently got to a comfortable position with my hobby. My Vampires are completed, my DE are waiting for the next wave, my Goliaths are one or two blokes off completion and 1.2 of my Mordheim warbands are painted. Other than a Hive Tyrant for my mate and a couple of INQ minis I found I was running out of stuff to paint.

    I saw something exciting over at Micro Art Studio,
    so I decided I'd have a crack at Deathwing, y'know 'cos they're badass.

    My first mini can be seen below. He is going to be the sergeant of one of my terminator squads. I'll probably go to 1500 pts initially. I would like to get an FW dreadnought in the list and a Crusader or two. I plan on using parts from the new GKs as well as some CSM parts to make the armour look more archaic and bespoke.

    Thunderhammers and Stormshields will be order of the day I think. (3++ spam is not to be sniffed at in my experience)

    Lots of sculpting, detailing and basing to go but I think the test mini is beginning to look kinda cool

    I am hoping to complete this force to a higher overall standard than my Dark Eldar (which will remain my main playing army) to which end I hope to get lots of feedback and support here!



    post script- if you haven't seen this pre heresy Dark Angels log by Deiex then I urge you to click here, it is simply staggering and is a large part of my inspiration to returning to my original 40k army.

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