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    Mantic SciFi Games News and Rumours Roundup

    This is a News and Rumours Roundup for Warpath and Mantics other Science Fiction Tabletop Miniature games.

    Fantasy and General Mantic News and Rumour Roundup thread, can be found here.

    These SciFi rumours have been updated as of March 12th, 2012.

    Recent updates are in Green. Sources are from a combination of contacts within Mantic, hobby industry insiders, video and online interviews, with the odd tidbit picked up from this and other forums, and Mantics own Newsletter and Website.

    -Release expected for April 2012.
    -A "Dwarf Kings Hold in Space" style of boardgame.
    -10 models each of the Corporation and the Veer-myn
    -Full colour tiles like Dwarf Kings hold – as many floor tiles as in Dead Rising (although a couple are used as room features rather than tiles (e.g. blocking LOS))
    -Dice, counters, rulebook etc.


    MARAUDERS (Space Orcs)
    - The best shock troops (and mercenaries) in the galaxy. Trained from barbarians by the Corporation, but broke away (violently) and now work for themselves. *The A-team of Warpath.

    FORGEFATHERS (Space Dwarfs)
    - Elite space Dwarfs based on Norse mythology. Only race powerful enough to stand up to the Corporation.
    Iron Ancestor Concept Art

    - Oppressors, intrigue, bribery, assasination, think East India Trading Company, expansion of the British Empire.
    Corporation Ranger
    Rangers on Patrol
    Corporation Marines
    Major General and Heavy Weapons Teams.

    - The first Corporation vehicle will like be something "Hummer" like.
    - Ronnie has said that any tank kits Mantic might do will likely be straight resin and that they would not be cheap, but that they just might have something out in 2012.

    THE 8TH RACE (Vermynn)
    Concept art for the upcoming Night Spawn.
    Veer-Myn Nightcrawler Champion
    Veer-Myn Nightcrawler

    - The full army release for Veer-myn is planned for May.
    - A Veer-Myn Dossier will be featured in one of Mantics Newsletters in late March.

    REBS (Mixed Races)
    - Breakaway from the Corporation, plus a variety of non-human races. *A rebel alliance, which may or may not involve psychic trickery and glow-in-the-dark swords. *The entire cast of the Cantina bar. *List will start mostly human (70%) but will look towards encompassing lots of aliens. *Also, could be a testing ground for new unit types.
    - Order and date of release unkown.

    ZZ'OR (Bugs)
    - The hivelike alien menace - think Aliens, Nids, Zerg. But more buglike. Not approachable.
    - Order and date of release unknown.

    THE PLAGUE (Space Zombies)
    - Alessio is more of a fan of slow zombies. Think Resident Evil's genetic experiments, Dawn of the Dead. Plague causes nervous system damage most of the time, creating Zombie Hordes, although in rare cases it causes random mutations.
    - Order and date of release unknown.

    ASTERIANS (Space Elves)
    - Based very much on the concept of Grey Aliens. Superfast ships, turn up, take specimen, vanish. They have pointy ears.
    - May have an ingame teleportation ability.
    - Order and date of release unknown.

    -Below are examples of concept art for some of the possible upcoming Warpath vehicles. Just click on the links below.

    That's all I have for now, but expect more updates shortly. Thanks to Mantic and all those who contributed.

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