Hey everyone.

This army was started to have a big fun game before a friend of mine moved away. We agreed to each build and paint 3000 points in the past couple months and have one huge game versus a couple friends Orcs and Goblins. I also made the castle and we are playing on an 8x6. I will have the battle report after the game next weekend.

The scariest part of the army isn't it's size, but I am honestly thinking about and looking forward to more units of 50.

Anyway onto pictures:

Army shots. The army is a coalition of Reikland cities and neighbors based on existing fluff. I made units out of the Heraldry book when possible.

Karl Franz and his retinue. There is a representative model from each unit in the army (personal guard from the fighty units, a fat advisor from Bogenhafen and an advisor from Nuln artillery). This represents an Arch Lector on Altar. I did not want an actual Altar because I wanted this army to be a 100% trained soldier army. No flagellants. I admit there are a couple warrior priests but I tried to make them as clean and "not grimdark" as possible.