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Thread: Alternate Terminator heads?

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    Alternate Terminator heads?

    I'm looking to get a somewhat more knightly look to my black templar terminators while still keeping the armour fairly standard.

    The plastic grey knight terminator heads look like they'd do the trick, but does anyone know how well they'd fit? I've made some unsuccessful attempts to adapt regular power armour heads to fit the plastic terminators and would like to know if its worth the time, money and effort before ordering a bunch of GK head bits.

    Pointers towards other sources of suitable heads would also be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Alternate Terminator heads?

    The new Grey Knight heads fit perfectly in normal termies, they've been designed to do just that.

    You can use normal marine heads in termies but you have to do a bit of shaving and cutting. Take off the ear-boxes, a bit off the bottom of the neck and carve out a lot of the back of the helmet. Its a bit of cut-and-check but its not too hard to make them fit.

    You may want to also look at the Steam Knight Helmets from Maxmini. A lot of people use them for Pre-Heresy armies.

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    Re: Alternate Terminator heads?

    There's a guide out there somewhere (I don't know where, probably on here somewhere) of how to turn regular Terminator helmets into Grey Knight-esque helmets, it was pretty much just trimming down the front parts and drilling in some grill holes, seems easier than shaving down the backs of SM helmets and cheaper than buying Grey Knights just for their heads.
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    Re: Alternate Terminator heads?

    This may help. It is a method to modify your current heads to grey knigt termie ones. I will just say, this is not my idea and I cant take any credit for it. Just something I found a while ago on google images.

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