@Urgat: They're quite big if compared with historical versions, but I see what you mean. However, I'm happy with whatever my fellow sculptors in this venture cooks up. Cheers.

While rummaging around for vases and bits and bobs to send off for casting, I stumbled across an old work in progress piece. You might recognize it from the sketch in the first post:

It is intended to be a prophet carried on a tiny platform by two crab-walking bearers. They are muscular and sorcerously and alchemically enlarged by brawn and girth to better carry their master around. The bearers' hands are locked into tight iron boxes, yet to be finalized. It is on a 25mm base due to size and also because it is for a friend's WoC/DoC army, to be used as a sorceror. It's been on hold for years as more serious sculpting matters cropped up, mainly courtesy of Bloodbeard who got me into sculpting for casting.

Would you be interested in this miniature if it was finished? Meaning the bearers will not be greatly altered (only surface stuff like improved musculature and rivets). The prophet on top is however open for all manner of designs, including being semi-petrified.

I'd like to hear your thoughts, and indeed your ideas for the hat-crowned creature carried around!

Now, it will be a rather long while before I get back to Ashen Dwarf sculpting, and when I do the grand admiral sculpt needs to be finished first. But when the time comes, this project could very well make it into the queue. It would probably be sensible to base him on a 40mm square or 32mm round base depending on your game of choice.