Hi all

Just a quick question regarding your favurate Necromunda Ganger / Heavy / Juve...

Two spring to mind for me. First, Becca, my Esher Juve (the one with the stub gun and pick)...
She ended up with More XP than any one else and was a close combat DIVA... Her finest moment would have been charging past two gangers in overwatch to get into combat with an Orlock gang leader that was smashing the crap out of a new Juve... sufficed to say she saved the day! (and started roumers amungst my freinds of a relationship with said juve... lol)

My other would be my Deleque Gang leader, Demax Reboband.
His first ever gang fight (and my first ever at a GW store) I had the worse luck EVER. so much so, that my opponent apologised for the amazing circus trick shots he was getting off mowing down my gang.
Demax, however, refused to break. He was chased all over the board and, with each shot of his deadly bolt gun, he dropped one of his opponents... It was such a fun game of cat and mouse and I eventually made my opponent break! All but 3 of my gang died after, but Demax played on!

So come on guys, whose been your fave Necromunda boy (or girl) and why?