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Thread: Arduhn carves out an empire in Nippon.

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    Arduhn carves out an empire in Nippon.

    Welcome to my samurai plog. It started off with the intention of making a Warhammer Empire army using samurai models. I've since branched off into different games. Check the latest posts to find out more.

    Here's a list of 25-32mm samurai model companies:

    West Wind
    These are fairly nice, for the most part. They are older style Samurai, Genpei or Mongol Invasion era. They are not as good quality sculpts as perry's, but they're not bad.

    Perry Miniatures
    The best 28mm Samurai I have come across. The whole range is good. They are realistic, well-proportioned, and consistant in quality and scale. Sengoku period.

    Kingsford Miniatures
    They look fairly nice, but so far I haven't bought any. They do have some models that Perry doesn't produce, and they are really nice models too. I think the horses are kinda bad though. Sengoku Period.

    Hasslefree Miniatures
    They have a few martial arts miniatures. The sculpt quality is good, and they scale well with Perrys.

    The Assault Group
    I haven't picked any of these ones up yet, but they look decent. The quality is a bit variable from what I can tell. They are older period, like West Wind. From what I've seen of painted ones, the non painted pictures let them down. I'll probably pick some up at some point to check them out. It's also worth noting that TAG has a wide range of other Asian miniatures - from Chinese of various dynasties, to Mongols.

    Eureka Miniatures
    These are of variable quality. I don't have any, so I can't say much about them.

    Some good hero models. Some have a distinct anime style. A little more fantasy than historical, but well sculpted, and similar scale to Perrys. The line is out of production, so you will have to look at eBay and the like.

    Old Glory
    A little smaller at 25mm. Some are kind of cool, but the quality seems to vary. Very cheap, but I'll probably skip them.

    Curtey's Miniatures
    I would have considered these until I found west wind and the assault group. They're not bad, it's just that west wind and AG are the same style, and better sculpts. They also have a variety of other Asian miniatures.

    John Jenkins Designs
    some sweet scenery! Expensive though.

    Wargames Factory
    These are fairly decent. They are inexpensive, and a great way to bulk out the army. They are also plastic, which makes conversions a possibility. Unfortunately these are temporarily out of production, as the company has been sold to warlord games.
    Sengoku era

    Zenit Kensai
    Nice models, but too expensive to make a unit, in my opinion. The characters are nice though.

    Plastcraft Fukei
    Basic scenery. Cheap, but not bad. More here

    Andrea Miniatures
    Great characters that will really stand out from the rank and file. Bigger than Perrys, and the swords are extremely flimsy. Also quite pricey, but nice models.

    Steel Fist
    These should fit in nicely with the perry minis. They are a bit more expensive, and the range is limited right now, but it gives some variety for character models.

    Decent character models. A bit on the fantasy side.

    Clan War
    Clan war has been reissued! Some cool characters, and good models for wizards if you need them. The scale is a bit inconsistent, as is the quality, and they are a bit on the expensive side.

    Veni Vidi Vici
    transfers for your sashimono

    I was going to add more, but then I found this:
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    Long Live Leitdorf!

    Also, I have some Samurai

    And some late war Germans for Flames of War

    And Dark Eldar

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