As army books update and editions change there are tweaks made to units/characters/background/etc.

And then somewhere amidst all of this massive upheaval that you somehow manage to cope with (let's be honest, most of us are rabid fan boys to our armies and a load of people always moan over whatever happens but keep on going regardless) there's one little thing that's changed that you can never quite get over, no matter how much better everything else is.

So I thought we could get a list of things that we all miss while I'm on a massive reminiscence trip down memory lane.

Mine is what they did to Necromancers.

I can almost live with the changes they made to Zombies (although they are crap now) and the fact that they've changed the fluff on ghouls to make them rank up in units rather than being a shambling mass of degenerate humans corrupted by eating corpse flesh.

However, the fact that they have now changed Necromancers to less than second rate characters really gets my goat. Necromancers are powerful wizards able to bend the will of the dead to their own ends, not the dross that we see in the VC army book we're forced to use nowadays.

So, what else is out there?

THE \/ince