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Nice work! Your Night Lords continue to be an inspiration
That's quite the compliment! I'm just making things up as I go along.

The Terror Squad is complete! Unlike the Seeker Squad, whose recon-like nature befits the black weapons. I ended up choosing Volkite Cavaliers for this squad and leaving off the squad markings (except on the sergeant) so that they can slot into a 10-man 40k CSM squad as a counts-as special weapon since Volkites have no 40k equivalent. Of course, because I'm WYSIWYG they'd all count as the same special weapon.

I also chose to make the bone parts here actually bone instead of white like on the other squad sergeants, as if any squad is KEEPING bone on their armour fresh, versus bleaching, it's a Terror Squad.

I'm a big fan of the lightning on this one.

More gold accents to showcase the "veteran" nature of the squad, but not enough to make them look 40k.

So yeah, I'm really pleased, and making MUCH faster progress with this army than I expected. Next up will probably be the Destroyer Squad, but it's the Eldar's turn now.