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    Warlord Battle Titan Commission

    Hello, back with another Warlord commission, we wanted to show you guys some of our work in progress shots and to catalog our progress till the end of the commission.

    This is Green_Ranger's and my 4th Warlord titan and we already have a 5th in the works for the same client (which is going to the U.A.E).

    Here is some early work in progress photos from about two months ago:

    This is the "master" of the foot before we cast it:

    Here is a final resin foot:

    Construction of the legs,waist plate, and body struts with cast feet and knee joints:

    Rear shot of basic leg detail:

    And, a shot of the main body construction and top plate:

    Construction of the titan is all done out of MDF covered in .040 plastic card, or our resin cast pieces which include the feet, knees, waste, leg armor plates, the head and minor details.

    We will be magnetizing the carapace weapons (apoc missile launchers and turbo lasers) and the arm weapons will be swap-able via a pin system (two melta cannons, a plasma destructor, and a gatling blaster).

    *Note, so I don't get 20 PM's about it, NO we do not have templates, and the going price is $1600 USD + shipping charges.
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