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Thread: Ogre Kingdoms 8th Ed Tactics Recipe Book

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    Ogre Kingdoms 8th Ed Tactics Recipe Book

    With a new book just two weeks away, and most of the delicious beans having already been spilled, let's cook up some fresh tactical discussion with all the juicy morsels now at our disposal

    Old thread

    Rumour thread

    With the restriction of having a Tyrant before getting a Slaughtermaster removed, I am considering the SM as the general. The Tyrant adds punch to an army that already has tons of punch, whereas having a lvl4 and lots of buffs has always served me well. The low leadership is a worry, so his unit will need the standard of discipline (+1 Ld).

    I will therefore either take ironguts or put the banner a BSB in the unit. Bulls seem to have got a lot better, gaining a 5+ save and 6+ parry and dropping 3 points, whereas ironguts are still pretty meh for the points. Which unit I take will depend on how one can outfit the BSB. Previously, I would not have left home without runemaw on my ironguts, but with the changes to that banner making it considerably worse, I won't be taking it (and the price hike may mean they can't anyway).

    The access to more lores of magic opens up a lot of possibilities, but at the moment I am thinking of taking the SM, a BSB and a firebelly, meaning the SM has to take lore of the great maw, which I hope is passable!

    I feel completely spoiled for choice on what else to fit in the army, as everything (even yhettis) seem like they have something useful to offer. What a wonderfully different situation that is from now
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