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Thread: Orlygg's 80s Retro 'Realm of Chaos' Project Log

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    Orlygg's 80s Retro 'Realm of Chaos' Project Log

    After recent events at GW I have finally grown tired of the continual price hikes, un-necessary new rule sets etc etc and decided to stop buying WD and citadel miniatures altogether. I packed away the paints, books and took up 360 gaming instead.

    However, I really missed my hobby. So I decided to sell off the majority of my collection and re-boot my hobby by going retro. I decided to focus on the so called 'Golden Age of 1985-92' as the period has the strongest nostalgic pull for me. I plan to collect, paint and ultimately game with the miniatures and rules of 3rd edition - limiting my painting to the colours available at the time. I decided to focus on the miniatures released around the original Realm of Chaos book: Slaves to Darkness.

    My first step was to buy up as many issues of WD as I could. I started with issue 90 and worked up from there. My first issue was 107 and it was fascinating to see how WD evolved from a roleplay magazine into GW games only. There are still many issues missing from my collection but there was enough for me to track releases and read plenty of 'Eavy Metal articles by none other than John Blanche, Mike McVey and even Rick Priestley... This gave me the opportunity to get into the 80s style of miniature painting and the following models are my attempt to ape this style.

    Where else could I begin a 80s Retro Collection but with a Chaos Warrior?
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