So, beastmen. I'm a little new to fantasy, so forgive me, but I'm extremely interested in certain aspects of beastmen recreation. [insert beastiality jokes here).

So, firstly, are their female beastmen? Or do they breed like the fimir and forceably impregnate human hosts?

Secondly, how are the young treated? What about mutated young, say albino or one with a tentacle instead of a tail. Revered, or cast out?

Its difficult to make a judgement, for the armybook and all other material I've read said beastmen are not human, and not beast, whilst simultaneous being both as well.

Animals, when young are "not right", will cast out the said infant. Humans would nurse. Beastmen are of chaos however, so these mutations would perhaps be encouraged.

Basically, I'm starting an albino beastman army. Albinos are a genetic mutation which occurs randomly in animals. I'm wondering whether a warherd would cast an albino out?