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Thread: Warhammer Naval Mystery Release

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    Warhammer Naval Mystery Release

    I split this from the September release thread as the WD indicates that it is in fact due in October and was hoping we might get some more info on it.

    A pirate Vampire Advert:

    CSE spills some beans on the Pirate Advert:

    Quote Originally Posted by CSE View Post
    oh its coming, its so cool (n i shouldn't say but its actually an October release, has multiple armies ships in it)

    did anybody else think carnival of chaos when they saw the nurgle guy?
    Quote Originally Posted by CSE View Post
    Warmaster o war actually

    ****flees into the void****
    Quote Originally Posted by Satan View Post
    Now added to the first post.

    Do you know if there will be more fleets than Empire and Undead? You said "multiple" ones earlier...
    Quote Originally Posted by CSE View Post
    Yup there are more than just those 2

    CC translates the german advert into:

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Carstein View Post
    I basically says: Wanted! Anyone with relevant information/leads should contact/report to Jago Roth, Captain of the Heldenhammer.

    That basic gist of it anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by mrtn View Post
    Harry said Warmaster scale, so 10 mm.
    I hear there's a sea of booty out there waiting to be gobbled up by anyone courageous enough to go after it. And we all know that booty = pies...
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