I am gona start a Dark eldar army, as my Friends have stopped playing Warhammer fantasy and ther is no gaming club around..

So i will start Dark eldar GO PIRATES! yaaar!

i will start small at 500points so i get too know the rules and that army a littel bit and then upgrade too 750/1000 etc.
i did got the Rulebook and codex so here is what i have come up whit for my starting list.

Succubus with Agoniser - 85

10 Kabalite Warriors with Splinter Cannon and Sybarite with Venom Blade and Blast Pistol - 130
Dedicated Transport - Raider with Splinter Racks and Flickerfield - 80

9 Wyches with 1 special weapon of choice* and Hekatrix with Agoniser -130
Dedicated Transport - Raider with Flickerfield - 70
*same pts so choose between Razorflails, Shardnet/Impaler and Hydra Gauntlets- they all have Pros and Cons, I like Hydras cause of +D6 attacks, its a matter of preference in the end