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Thread: Compilation of Warpath Army lists and rules

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    Compilation of Warpath Army lists and rules

    We are starting to get a mix of official and unofficial lists and alternate rules versions so this thread will keep links to them all in one place. If I've missed any, please let me know and I'll keep the list up to date.

    Known latest version is in yellow

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    Official Lists and Rules
    Warpath v2.0 - contains 4 updated army lists
    Warpath Rules 1st Edition

    Marauders 1st Edition
    ForgeFathers 1st Edition
    Corporation 1st Edition
    Veer-myn 1st Edition
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    Unofficial lists
    Tau (by golembane and darkPrince010) v2.0
    Tyranids (The Swarm) (by darkPrince010) v2.6
    Necrons (by darkPrince010) v2.5
    Brethren Legion (by darkPrince010) v2.1
    Protoss (by darkPrince010) v2.2
    ForgeFathers and Marauder variant lists (by AlexHolker) v1.2
    The Order of the Shield (Sisters of Battle) (by AlexHolker) v0.3
    The Gearlords (Warmachine) (by darkPrince010) v2.3
    The Cult of Pharma and the Titan Guild (by darkPrince010) v2.2
    The Pantheon (by darkPrince010) v2.2
    The Eradicators (by cornonthecob)
    Halo Lists (by darkPrince010) v2.2
    Space Marines (by sukura636) v2.1
    Chaos Space Marines (by Robert Smythe Sinclair) v1.0
    Asterians (by darkPrince010) v2.2
    Silica Collective (by darkPrince010) v2.1
    "Star Trek" (by darkPrince010) v2.0
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    Game aids

    Warpath 2.0 Quick Reference Sheet
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