Hi guys.

I was reading the stories and description of the pink horrors and it make think about what I would like Horrors to be. In stories they are shown as brainless automaton under the full control of a more powerful daemon. They are used to swarm enemy units under thousands of insane daemons spitting mutation and fire. Currently they are just spellcasters. You use a unit of horrors when you want a Lvl 3 or 4 spellcaster and don't want to field a greater daemon or when you want to give a bunker to your herald with master of sorcery.

With the next armybook I would like Horrors to work differently. I would like the insane horde aspect over the spellcaster aspect. Something like Ld 4 to represent the necessity to have another daemon to lead then, frenzy to represent the insanity and/or impact hits to represent the raw magic power horrors unleash on their enemies, make units of horrors able to channel power dice and no ability to cast spells. Of course this need testing, it's just rapid thoughts.

This is how I would like horrors to work in the next book.

And you guys, Do you have unit(s) you feel like they should work differently??