Hello Warseers,

In the absence of a better title, here is my Warhammer-themed plog - another distraction from my Necromunda and Space Marine plogs. I'm working on a skeleton-heavy Vampire Counts army (no squishy recently deceased here) - here are a few example of what I've been working on: skellies and a vampire on foot:

Attachment 117413
Attachment 117416
Attachment 117415
Attachment 117414

The vampire is nearly done, apart from a few little details - any constructive criticism appreciated. I might try to sculpt hair and a ragged cape on him, but otherwise I think his armour is a good balance between ornate and practical, as benefits a psychopathic ethernal man-bat thing ("Behold the creatures of the night" etc.)...

Take it easy Warseers...

Mwhahahahahaha [diabolical laughter etc. etc.]