I dug up my Warmaster book again and am trying to learn and understand the rules before I try convincing my WFB buddies into giving it a try. While the rules themselves are simple, I have trouble figuring out the basic flow of the game - namely, how do charges occur?

For unit to charge using the initiative it must have enemy conveniently parked within 20 cm, which must have happened in enemy movement phase, right? And for unit to charge target further than 20 cm away it must be given two or more successful orders, probably moving it away from commanding hero, so the later rolls are very likely to fail, right?

By my understading charges work like that:

1) Player A gets his unit within 20cm of target by issuing orders.

2) Once there, player A can try to charge, but needs a really good orders roll to pull it off.

3) If player A fails his difficult roll, player B is free to charge using initiative.

So getting to charge seems to be very luck based, with player closing the distance being at disadvantage. What am I missing? Why are people getting their units into enemy charge range at all? How come there are any charges in this game?