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I'd like to introduce myself:

I'm Fabio the owner of the new Wargaming Miniature Comany, Fireforge Games and i'm happy to answer some questions appeared in this post.

I want to thank you all for your interest in our miniatures. We are all passioned wargamers here and we are very excited by our adventure. We can't wait to field our Teutonic Knights on the field and making some glorious charge with them.

Our project is not limited to this release only, of course. We'll make a complete range as a starting point and there are going to be 4 more plastic releases after the Teutonics at least. We aim at creating a "gaming system" too for the Medieval period, in the future and we are working on it right now.

I'll follow this post and if have any question don't hesitate to ask.
I could not be able to answer to everything, at the moment, but i'll do my best.

Hi Fabio and all the guys posting in this thread, I am reading it today for the first time and a part the fact that those new miniatures really mesmerized me into a new period all ready I wanted to point out the great thing about Fabio himself, normally in warseer, we come to find or post rumours about our favourite companies and their future realise , here we got who ? if not himself Fabio the owner of fireforge games giving us the best of the inside news from the company and the future realise . . . .thank you man you rock hard. . . never give up , you know this job is about love keep going and forza napoli