I have tried a couple of times, to destroy my good friend with my skaven army...
i recently came back to warhammer, so my tactics are a bit rusty but i still think something is missing!!

we have played 2 great games, i lost in point, eventhough i had 6-7 times as many (expensive) units on the table - due to bad judgement and silly mistakes.

i brought:
25 clan rats w. pwm
30 clan rats w. pwm
44 slaves w sling
40 storm vermin w. ratling - for eagles who want to eat my wlc
40 plague monks
first battle, cencer bearers, second battle 2 groups of gutter runners
lvl 4 mage
lvl 2 mage
first battle, doomwheel, second battle pcc

this was about what i wanted to use.. but its like im missing some harmony..
im about to cut the clan rats to 20, to get pwm , and then use BIG ASS slave units to hold his units while i blast them away
any surgestions???