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Thread: 40k 2nd edition married with reactive skirmish systems

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    40k 2nd edition married with reactive skirmish systems

    I've decided to create an easy to play 40k 2nd edition variant mixed with elements from reactive skirmish game systems such as Force on Force, Stargrunt II an Infinity.

    The main rules will be 2nd edition 40k - I'm going to use annotated corrections in post-it-notes to turn my 2nd edition rulebook as an easy reference to the rules.

    I'm going to tinker with the weapons (mainly saving throw modifiers, close combat weapons based on the user's S), combine the movement and shooting phases and have each unit on the side holding the initiative (the active player) do a complete activation while the units on the other side (the reactive player) can react to the active player's activations.

    If there's any ideas about alterations to 2nd ed base rules / army lists you've always thought about, or any ideas about CnC mechanisms, morale / suppression or reaction rules from other systems, I'd like to hear them.

    The base idea for CnC is to have the players roll a D6 with their commander's Strategy Rating added to determine who can decide between starting as the active or reactive player. Whenever units act, units on the reactive side can decide to react (once per turn I think) and roll an opposed initiative test to see who gets to act first, the active or reactive unit(s).
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