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Thread: For the Warmaster!

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    For the Warmaster!

    Hey everyone, i've been starting to plod along painting a Black Legion army I built over the summer which i've already got a ludicrous number of ideas for so I thought i'd throw some photos up here.

    I managed to get my first half a squad of marines painted the other day, so i'll start with them;

    Those last two photos aren't great, unfortunately the icon bearer refuses to photograph well in the slightest!

    I should in the next few days have another 5 marines painted, i'm aiming to finish maybe 10-15 models painted a month, but that depends on work, i'm getting a lot of hours right now with christmas approaching, fortunately I work about 200 feet away from my local Games Workshop so it's easy enough to get some painting done before and after work

    I've also put in an order to Forge World yesterday for some extra armour and rhino doors which where dispatched more or less straight away so hopefully i'll have them in a few days.

    Currently the army i'm building towards is;
    Slaanesh Daemon Prince
    5 Terminators
    2 x 10 Chaos Marines
    10 Bloodletters
    7 Plague Marines (I'll probably buy more to have a unit of 10)
    3 Rhinos

    This works out as about 1500 points but the list is subject to change, that's mostly just what I have assembled, i'll likely be adding in the near future;
    2 Obliterators
    A Vindicator
    A Dreadnought
    10 Chosen of Slaanesh
    Another Rhino

    That's it for now guys, hopefully more in a day or two.

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    Re: For the Warmaster!

    Nice, clean paintjob so far. I am a big fan of the gore spray on that banner. Good idea

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    Re: For the Warmaster!

    Great looking job!!

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    Re: For the Warmaster!

    These are really nice! They remind me of Christian Byrne's army when it was featured in White Dwarf during the MEdusa V campaign

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    Re: For the Warmaster!

    Very cool. That banner in particular looks fantastic
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    Re: For the Warmaster!

    Lovely models, especially the blood spray.

    Thank you Moderators, and the initial creator of Warseer, for a wonderful forum.

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    I think this is why I love the guard. A thirty man platoon of normal blokes just got charged by a bloodthirster. And they killed it. With their rifle butts, boots and knives. Hard core. Space marines have got nothing on that.

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    Re: For the Warmaster!

    nice clean painting, tho somehow the gold on the shoulderplates look well.. dull like there is no depth to it, I see the mithril highlights on the edges, but something is missing imho.. dunno what tho.. =(

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    Re: For the Warmaster!

    great mix of bits, really makes them stand out. Keep it up

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    Re: For the Warmaster!

    Nice clean and crisp.


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