Hello All

I really wnat to do a all mounted / cavarly based list for me next project but cant decide between O&G or Empire.

Written 2 lists (See other post for O&G) but heres my Empire list c&c

Templar Grand Master, Talisman of Preservation, Crown of Command, Iron Curse Icon = 230pts (Inner Circle)
Wizard Lord, Warhorse & Barding, Talisman of Endurance, Dispell Scroll, Luck Stone = 256pts (Knightly Orders)
Total = 486pts / 24%

Captain of Empire, Warhorse & Barding, Shield, Full Plate, Lance, BSB, Armour of Destiny = 153pts (Inner Circle)
Warrior Priest, Warhorse & Barding, Great Weapon, Shield, Heavy Armour, White Cloak = 149pts (Great Weapons)
Total = 302pts / 15%

8 Knightly Orders, Preceptor, Musician, Standard Bearer = 224pts
7 Knightly Orders, Musician, Standard Bearer, Standard of Discipline = 200pts (Lances & Wizard Lord)
7 Knightly Orders, Musician, Standard Bearer, Gleaming Pennant = 190pts (Great Weapons & Warrior Priest)
Total = 614pts / 31%

8 Inner Circle Knights, Preceptor, Musician, Standard Bearer, Razor Standard = 293pts (Templar GM & BSB)
8 Pistoliers, Musician = 151pts
8 Pistoliers, Musician = 151pts
Total = 595pts / 30%

Main Total = 1997pts