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Thread: Wars in the Maelstrom Zone

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    Wars in the Maelstrom Zone

    A while ago I received the Imperial Armour vol.9 Badab War book, and I've been hooked ever since. I was a huge fan of the Badab War and the mythos surrounding the whole history of the war and the chapters involved ever since I first got into 40k, and since then it's been the focal point in several rpg scenarios and table-top games over the years.
    Upon the release of Badab War part 1 I decided to split up my marine army into smaller fragments and do some of the chapters in the book, since I rarely get around to gaming with all of it at once anyway.
    I've already posted most (if not all) of this on ammobunker, but I thought I might as well expand a bit and let it spill over into the Warseer-community.
    Anyhow, this is how it goes:

    ++++Transmission Incoming++++

    ++++Password: *********++++

    ++++Access Granted++++

    The year is 910.M41 and it has been seven years since Lugft Huron declared the secession of his realms from the Imperium of Man, taking with him four entire Adeptus Astartes Chapters into open rebellion and plunging the entire sector into bloody civil war. The Loyalists, led by the ever resourceful Carab Culln of the Red Scorpions Chapter, are on the rise again. Having taken the Lamenters out of the war at the battle above the feral world of Optera in 908, the heavy raiding activity against Loyalist shipping was somewhat curbed, and Culln could turn his eyes toward the remaining Secessionist activities in the greater Maelstrom zone, not to mention the final goal: The Subjugation of the Badab-Sector itself. But then something happened...

    Armsman Squad Alpha
    Led by Senior-Sergeant Vaian the squad is depicted here during the defence of Defence-Station 61/5, or "The Five" as it was know by the crew due to the particular shape of the hull. Armsman Kaftan (right) is armed with a Gryphonne-pattern Assault Shotgun and wearing the standard issue gear distributed to the Navy Armsmen of the Maelstrom Zone, while Senior-Sergeant Vaian is equipped with an officer-variant of unknown design. The base of the gear is Gryphonne, but clearly modified by the armouries of the squads home world of Badab. The squad survived the battle, although with a 50% casualty rate. It was later shipped with the rest of the Golgothan sector-survivors to participate in the final fighting around Badab Primaris.

    Navy Rating Boarding Party
    A group of gunnery-ratings, often used to form the bulk of boarding parties and utterly expendable. None known survivors of the battle of "The Five".

    Unknown Astartes Devastator Squad
    Believed to belonging to the mysterious Carcharodons Astra Chapter, these Astartes were key in the taking of Defence-Station 61/5, breaking the Secessionist counter-attack in Level B hangar at a critical poinf of the action.

    A closer examination of an unknown of the aforementioned squad, signs of the heavy close combat can be seen all over his armour. Victims believed to have suffered extensive trauma, judging from bio-material examination.

    ++++Transmission Ends++++
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