So I've been thinking lately... Tactical Marines from Codex: Space Marines a pretty cruddy unit in the current game, and are vastly outclasses by the troops in most of the other, newer armies. Indeed, Tacticals are outclasses by the troops in a lot of older armies too. I think there ought to be specialties with each Marine book, to make things interesting. Space Wolves have adaptable, in-your-face Tactical equivalents, and honestly I think they're a lot of fun to play (Hunters are underpriced, but they feel like I think they ought to). Blood Angles have Assault Marine troops, and that's fun and characterful too.

Here's my thoughts for what a Tactical Marine should be, in order to make them both useful and unique:
-Drop them back down to 15 points per model, which means the initial 5 marines cost 5 points less and each extra marine is one point less.
-The squad gains the Relentless special rule.

This makes Tacticals a) not so reliant on transports, which is good for the meta and b) gives them an actually useful special rule that sets them apart from the obvious advantages of the other marine books. I think a 10-man Tactical Squad, combatted with the Sarg and Melta in a Rhino and the Relentless Missile trooper advancing from the back would actually be a pretty decent unit, and people may take them to do more than fill the requirement.

What does Warseer think Tactical Marines should be, assuming the rest of the Codexes stay the same?