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Thread: Space Marine Army Cards

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    Space Marine Army Cards

    Anyone have access to copies of the Space Marine game army cards?

    Got a stack of Ork ones, but missing a lot of Marine, Eldar and Titan ones.

    Happy to buy/trade/copy.


    Need a painted army?

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    Re: Space Marine Army Cards

    Not sure if they are 100% the same, but NetEpic use a slightly modified 2nd Ed Spacemarine ruleset and cards - all free to download. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the card PDFs.
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    Re: Space Marine Army Cards

    By chance, what do you have to trade?

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    Re: Space Marine Army Cards

    What do you need? Plenty of 40k and Epic stuff, odds and sods of warhammer....
    Need a painted army?

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    Re: Space Marine Army Cards

    Still in need of cards?
    I'll have your *bleep* on a stick for that!

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