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Thread: Savlar and LATD

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    Savlar and LATD

    I have been tempted to get into a smaller scale game like Epic/Warmaster lately and I was wondering about the Savlar Chem dog army list and the LATD army list, beginner friendly? Or anything else that would be helpful knowing?

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    Re: Savlar and LATD

    Assuming you're referring to the Epic LatD, I wouldn't say it is that beginner friendly, as it's quite tricky to use in my opinion, and, unless you played Space Marine second edition, a lot of the models simply don't exist for that list, so you would have to try to get them via trades or ebay.

    If you can get hold of the models, it's a very diverse army, which you can either focus around certain units, or try to cover a wide spectrum, depending on your preferences. This in itself can be a challenge, but I wouldn't let it put you off.

    The more difficult element revolves around getting the army to work well on the table, as a lot of the formations have questionable morale, and initiative rolls can be a problem too. If you're looking for a characterful army, and you don't mind a fairly steep learning curve to start with though, go for it .

    Hena has some good LatD army lists, and has played them a lot more than I have in the current edition, so hopefully he might be able to offer you some more detailed advice.
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    Re: Savlar and LATD

    LatD is fine, though as Irisado says it can be tricky to find models, and to play. I've no experience with Savlar, though the list I found (from Fanatic Issue #95) has nothing glaringly wrong. I'd suggest going to ; it's the largest English language Epic community around, if not the largest period.

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