Thanks guys!

Old Model... New paints. Experiments in using Contrast for Aspect Warriors. Since this guy is metal, I figured I could strip him as much as I needed if I didn't like how things were going.

I undercoated the entire model with Corax White spray. The blue is just Talassar Blue with a liberal Drakenhoff Nightshade cover. The reds are Blood Angels red with a Seraphim Sepia wash. The gold is Aggaros Dunes over StormHost Silver. The rest of the metals and gems were all done with standard paints, except for the sword that was an experiment with Black Templar over Leadbelcher, highlighted and split with Stormhost Silver.

The brown is just Snakebite Leather, which is just, amazing.

I need my DSLR back... The phone camera's not cutting it...