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I do mine as Wraithbone, which builds up from a Snakebite Brown up to Pure White with the final highlight. Adds definition as I build up rather than the block color.
Yeah a few people suggested bone, but it's never really been my style for Eldar. Other than the actual Wraithbone on my Bonesinger, I think everything is painted in some form of fashion and I'm a glutton for consistency (and therefore punishment!)

That said, it's done!

Adding the black stripes to the pulse laser added a high degree of contrast that made them stand out I think. I do wish GW or FW would produce a proper Saim-Hann decal sheet... Or just reprint the old FW Eldar one...

This was a good test to get back into it with Eldar vehicles. The base isn't complete, as I'm waiting on some magnets to really get it supported properly.