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    Re: Warhammer 30K: Summer Campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by ghost21 View Post
    the only thing ive realy heard was a special box of 30k variants
    oh n a jetbike
    Quote Originally Posted by ghost21 View Post
    1 of each legion
    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Star View Post
    1 Marine of each Legion in a box? Or a box for each Legion?

    The later seems pretty major if true as that's 18 boxes.
    What I heard was a box with the bits to make different legions.

    But I thought this was something to do with Chaos Space Marines and the kit including various heads, spiky bits and icons to make different flavours of Chaos Marines.

    It is possible this might be something different and nothing to do with this.

    It is also very possible that I am confused about things.

    As some of you know I am not really up on the 40K side of things and I tend to hear things by accident and not really a)take much notice. b) know what it means.

    Not heard 30K mentioned before. when I read the thread title I assumed it was a typo.
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