Oh cripes, it's been a while since my last post, apologies! Life got a little hectic, especially after I tore a bunch of ligaments and majorly bruised the bones in my ankle back in July. x_x Fortunately I didn't need hospitalisation or surgery, and it's recovering pretty well, but I'm still looking at another three more months until I can even think about getting back to sports, blargh.

I've also been busy lately with doing commission painting - if you're interested, please check out my Facebook page! I'll keep this thread for showing my own WiP stuff though, unless enough people request otherwise! XD

It looks like I forgot to post Nadim here when I posted him in my Showcase, oops! This guy managed to win me not one, but two local painting comps, so I'm pretty pleased with him, especially the freehand.

Also! I recently got myself a pretty decent webcam, and I've been playing around with some painting vids and such. I don't have much yet - painting around the camera is a pain in the ass and I'm still getting used to it, and I also need to get some better lighting. I do intend on eventually doing some tutorial videos though! Here's my Youtube channel - let me know if there's any specific stuff you'd like to see me cover!

Now onto actual WiP stuff! XD Unfortunately because of commission work, I haven't had much time to work on my own stuff, but here's my progress since last post:

My converted chaplain from the BaC box! He's almost finished, I just need to do some freehand on his cloak. The glaive blade could be better but I ran out of craps to give. XD

I'm also experimenting with how I want to paint the new Rubricae! This is the only one I've done anything with so far though - the blue is done pretty much entirely with drybrushing, so it's pretty quick and easy!

I haven't done much with the gold or anything else yet, but let me know what you think so far!