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    Jonahmaul's Various Painting Projects

    So I've been thinking of starting a project log for a while now and seeing as it's a new year now seemed like a good time. I am currently working on two armies, a Nurgle themed Ogre army and a Brazen Claw Space Marine. I figured that a project log would be a good way to keep everything together and get any feedback on my different projects. Another reason is that each of these projects also has a different aim which are detailed briefly below.

    Nurgle themed Ogre Kingdoms - I've wanted an Ogre army since they first came out but I wanted to do something a bit different. My idea was to either do a blue skinned army based around frost giants from D & D (my Dark Elf army has all black skin based on Drow) or to do the Nurgle theme which I eventually decided on. My aims for this army are to get better at using green stuff as I plan on doing quite a few boils/puckered skin/matted fur etc. and also I plan on giving the army some proper background/story (something I've not really done before) after being inspired by this army by Jackdaw

    Brazen Claw Space Marines - ever since selling my Blood Angels about 10 years ago I've intended to do another Space Marine army and I've been (very) slowly painting some stuff for this over the past couple of years but plan on making more of an effort to get it painted. My aims for this army are quite simple and hard at the same time. I generally paint to a decent table top standard but I want this army to be my standout army so am spending a bit more time painting these so that they look as good as possible.

    So anyway, that's all my waffle. Have included some pictures which show where I am with the armies at the moment or in the case of the Brazen Claws what I'm going to be working on next (will put some pictures up of what I've already painted soon).

    Thanks for showing an interest and hopefully I'll be updating this fairly regularly with some progress.
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