Ehm, well actually most of my painted stuff (the archers and the bolt thrower) were painted before we started this challenge, so actually during this challenge I've painted a white lion and the noble (and assemble few archers and all the white lions). So I think I really will need all the time = D
Thanks for the compliments regarding the cloak! Well yeah it does kinda look bit wood-elvish, but as the idea/fluff behind my army that they are kinda forgotten/lost civilisation of high elves left behind to the forests of empire, so they do look bit more like wood elf when compared to your basic high elf. And that would be doubly true with this ranger noble, as he is truly a man(elf?) of the woods.


@The Lost Hobbit
Thank you!

And well no pictures this time around either.. I think next time I will be putting up my own stuff will be when I finish the white lion unit, and well it may take some time.. Unless of course if you want pictures from the minis from different angles ect. Feel free to ask!