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Thread: An idea to fix magic?

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    Re: An idea to fix magic?

    Quote Originally Posted by popisdead View Post
    People should learn to play and improve their skills instead of complain something is broken.
    Quote Originally Posted by DaemonReign View Post
    So my advice, though I am sure it'll go unheeded, is to simply put your efforts into something better than figuring out problems where there are none.
    At some point I need to make a copy-paste response to this argument.

    Maybe some of the people who don't like the current dynamic actually know how to play the game and aren't whining because their deathstar doesn't autowin?

    Cannons don't do a good job of limiting monsters. They completely obliterate any monster - particularly a ridden monster. We don't see enough giants or thundertusks or dragons or chariots or whatever except in certain cases (e.g. hydra, abombs, bells) where they actually get a save.

    Similarly megadeath spells aren't required for game balance. I've been to a GT recently where they simply banned purple sun, 13th, the whole lore of shadow, etc. The game didn't fall apart. Deathstars didn't run rampant.

    I can win with the current rules. Saying "yeah, you should stop whining and learn to play" doesn't apply - I do win thank you very much, yet I still feel the game could be better if it were more about tactical play and less about throwing 6 dice at the uberspell of choice. There ARE issues with 8th ed. It is far from perfect. The fact that the armybook Lores are dramatically less powerful than the rulebook Lores really suggests that the game designers agree with me.
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