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Thread: The Mordheimesque way to see the life...

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    The Mordheimesque way to see the life...


    My next Mordheim board is supposed to represent a undestroyed Mordheim corner... or another city to play in... this will look like a mix between Mordheim and Cadwallon, the game created by Rackham... or not. I'm not really sure about the final appearance of it all ...

    Oh, just one thing: I'll soon talk about house rules managing night and day cycles... with evil warbands weakened under the light of the burning sun and good ones sleeping under the moonlight... Warbands with variable effectives in case of night or day. Strange, isn't it?

    A waterwell from Tabletop World!

    The statue of Morr from the new GW graveyard (ooops, sorry, "Garden of Morr!).

    Some statues always usefull in sceneries.

    The watch tower from Tabletop World... it's slow but my table is growing...
    => The slideshow

    The timbered house by Tabletop World.
    => The slideshow

    That's just a beginning. Quite ridiculous but... err...
    Two kids, a wife, a new house to build, a job... so much ideas and no time to work at!
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