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    The Average Cost of Armies

    I won a Battalion army box in a competition lately, which led me to wonder which Fantasy army would get me the most army for my buck.

    To figure out which army was most cost effective I went to the Army Lists Forum & compiled 3-4 2000 point lists from every army, then figured out how much it would cost to build each list, then averaged the data.

    I treated it as though I was just starting out, had no bits, or friends to trade with. So if the list called for 19 Glade Guard I purchased two boxes (which would mean I bought 13 extra minis)

    To be as cost effective as possible I tried to use the cheapest mini available for the unit selection (usually meant “buying” generic HQ minis and battalion boxes when it was cheaper to do so). This probably isn’t totally accurate for a few reasons (such as listing minis there aren’t actual models for), but it’s a pretty good stab at it.

    For High Elves & Skaven I also figured out how much the armies would cost if I bought Island of Blood Sea Guard, Swordmasters, or Clan Rats from a bits website, it made quite a difference.

    So here’s the list from cheapest to most expensive:
    Daemons of Chaos ~ $329.38
    Warriors of Chaos ~ $333.25
    High Elves ~ $342.08 (316.25 with bits)
    Brettonians ~ $363.67
    Wood Elves ~ $391.00
    Tomb Kings ~ $401.58
    Lizardmen ~ $412.92
    Ogre Kingdoms ~ $420.00
    Dwarves ~ $421.25
    Beastmen ~ $428.17
    Dark Elves ~ $451.67
    Vampire Counts ~ $465.25
    The Empire ~ $498.33
    Skaven ~ $603.67 (539.50 with bits)
    Orcs & Goblins ~ $684.67

    You can see that Daemons top the list for cheapest Army unless you account for buying Island of Blood High Elf bits. the two biggest horde armies are sitting at the bottom, and I was surprised to see O&G at the very bottom (since I already have an O&G army).

    The cheapest single army was a balanced Wood Elves list at $276.25, and the most expensive was an O&G Night Goblin Squig heavy list $740.40

    Hope you find this interesting.

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