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Thread: Value of older Epic items second hand? Looking to sell.

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    Value of older Epic items second hand? Looking to sell.

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to sell off a lot of older epic stuff in the UK - essentially my parents gave me a big box over xmas which had been found in the loft, and told me to get rid of it (for a homeowner in his thirties, thats quite humiliating in a weird way!).

    Anyway I have discovered a lot of older epic stuff - I'm going to aim to flog in ebay, but want to get a feel for the relative value of stuff, and if its worth selling or just putting in the bin.

    Specifically - could anyone give me some guidance about the following:

    Approximate value of 3 x unpainted original phantom titans - complete with bases and void shield markers and weapons?

    Approximate value of super heavy tanks (1 x baneblade, 3 x stormshadow - rockets and super large gun)

    Going rate for army cards - I have lots of armies of the imperium plus other cards, but in no particular order.

    Also - are lead avatar models (unpainted) worth much?

    Value of BNIB blisters from 3rd edition - I have 4 blisters with hydras, griffon siege mortars, leman russ demolishers and hellhounds = all BNIB.

    General value of units - is it better to sell en masse (e.g. sell company at a time), or break into smaller units. I have roughly 4-5000 points of Marines & Guard, plus maybe 2-3000 points of unpainted but undercoated eldar to offload on Ebay, and have no idea whether buyers prefer units of 3-5 tanks, or formed companies? Its a long time since I've played so am not sure what interest there is now.

    I also have a complete set of the epic scale ruins from the 3rd edition box set - are they worth anything?

    I'm not planning on using the marketplace here to sell them - I've been burned using that before. I will be ebaying them, and if the Mods dont mind, would seek to put the links up in the appropriate forum (either here, or trading forum).

    Thanks for any advice - much appreciated! Now I need to go elsewhere to find out how much war wagons with crew are worth!

    (Mods - I think this is the right forum, but please move if it can better placed elsewhere).

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    Re: Value of older Epic items second hand? Looking to sell.

    Sell in parts, you'll get more that way. The Phantoms are the ones currently being sold, so expect what you would for any other current mini. Army cards might fetch a couple quid, but don't expect more. The old lead avatars might get you something, they're not too uncommon though. It looks like you have a bunch of stuff that will sell, but may not sell for a ton.

    PM sent RE: Plastic Ruins

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    Re: Value of older Epic items second hand? Looking to sell.

    Plastic ruins are the most sought after thing from third edition. Demand a high price for them. They are so rare many people copy them in resin.

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