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Thread: EpiComp 2011

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    EpiComp 2011

    Just a quick announcement. EpiComp 2011, a 6mm sci-fi painting competition, is now open. We've got some nice prizes this year. Rules are here:

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    Re: EpiComp 2011

    Two months left guys!

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    Re: EpiComp 2011

    One more month left. So far for prizes we have:

    * One PBG Progenitor Tigerclaw Super-heavy Tank
    * 40 Baccus 6mm store credit
    * 50 Dark Realm Miniatures store credit
    * 50 Exodus Wars store credit
    * $40 Microworld Games store credit

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    Re: EpiComp 2011

    Link doesn't work mate.

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    Epic Armies: Imperial Guard, Ultramarines, Orks, Adeptus Titanicus.
    BFG Forces: Imperial Navy, Chaos.
    See them all here:

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    Re: EpiComp 2011

    Thanks SG.

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    Re: EpiComp 2011

    The deadline has been extended to December 11 so you've got an additional eleven days to work on submissions!

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    Re: EpiComp 2011

    Little over a week left to go guys! The deadline is Sunday, December 11!

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    Re: EpiComp 2011

    I can not wait to see the entries...

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    Re: EpiComp 2011

    Neither can I! Also, now that I know this comp exists, I'll be entering it, along side Gothicomp...
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